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Is Beachbody’s Shakeology a Scam?
And owner Carl Daikeler will say anything to get you on board. I was going to start back Dec. I never needed to lose weight. Do NOT try these unless u wanna die. Your arguments sound like they come from the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. You have to be one of the worst internet trolls of all time to come up with a line like this.

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Prime Drive – Side Effects. Is it safe for you?

After experimenting with different possible sources, I identified the culprit as the stevia in the shake. I hope they actually follow through on that. But be sure you have a strong stomach. I have been drinking chocolate shakeology for a month and love it.

The only problem is it is expensive. I have tried to research other products that are cheaper with the same benefit. I am so confused. Anyone have any advice or know any alternatives. I would greatly appreciate it. Shakeology is the best thing I put in my body everyday. I love the chocolate but all the flavors are good. I am a Nutritionist and I recommend it to all of my clients. I use it as an after workout supplement because I have achieved my goal weight with Shakeology and P90X.

I did not like the taste and with that much sugar and not so great ingredients, I have chosen to go with another protein shake of higher standards and quality. I do not recommend spending your money for this! I keep sending shake mix back. How do you stop this??? I have been using Shakeology for almost 4 years now. I have been able to keep my weight off for over 2 years now. My favorite is the chocolate, and my least favorite is Vanilla.

I mix them with different fruits and nut butter to change the flavors. You have to talk to a real person in order to cancel the subscription, you cannot do it through the automated service.

I have not tried any other shake as good as Shakeology. I love their fitness programs, is the only company that combines fitness and nutrition as its best.

Yes, I am a coach. When you order it, at the bottom in the small print it says that you have signed up for the auto shipment and at the end of the 30 days you will be charged again. I have called to cancell but they keep charging my credit card and sending me product that I no longer want.

I would give shakeology less than 1 star. I actually ended up cancelling my creditcard. Then the auto pay and shipment stopped. The thing that you had to do was tell them to cancel home direct. As beach body coach none of my customers have ever had a problem for anything. I m here to help them in anything they need. These shakes taste horrible! They taste like chemicals. The first few days that I used Shakology it worked as advertised, kept me full was a good breakfast replacement.

However after about the first week I noticed that I was hungry after only an hour. Not all it was advertised to be. It also has the aftertaste of artificial sweetener. You have to eat clean o when drinking these shakes. They work fantastic for me. Ive been drinking them for a few months and doing a workout with them and have noticed a HUGE difference with the shakes.

Eating right and exercising are an important part of a healthy lifestyle! My understanding is that the product is sweetened with fructose. How does it have an aftertaste of artificial sweetener when it supposedly contains no artificial sweetener?

Really loved this when it was sent to me in T its just way too expensive to keep up with the re-order. The chocolate is the best flavor, and when mixed with ice it tastes like a milkshake. But there are 2 serious draw bags. In addition the amount of sugar and sodium is high. So with all the nutrients in there, the quality if the shake is diminished because 2 serious health offenders make up a significant percentage of the ingredients. I have thus been motivate to gind other more nutritious options that just happen to be less expensive.

I agree about the price but find the sugar content not so bad — 9 grams. Have you found an alternative? I was also looking for something cheaper with the same or better benefits. I have been taking Shakeology off and on for about 2 years. I have suffered from chronic migraines and arthritis for a long time.

I recently started drinking it daily for the past 2 months. Since starting I have not had any migraines and my arthritis pain has reduced immensely!! It is not just a weight loss shake and that is what makes it different than anything out there!! There are several flavors of Shakeology without ANY fructose. Get your facts straight before you publish them for public review.

You are correct in that there are a couple flavors without this ingredient, ie. As soon as we get enough request to review these specific flavors we would be happy to!

For a complete breakdown of which flavors have fructose and which do not please refer to their company website at http: I have been drinking Shakeology for about a year now. I love the Chocolate Vegan flavor and the Tropical Berries.

It is also vegan. My other favorite flavors are Greenberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry in that order. I had never used a shake before to loose weight. I did for me what they advertised: Or just the ice and water. I have had health problems in the past. I changed alot of my eating habits 2 years ago. Even with the healthy lifestyle that I live it has been a struggle to lose weight.

I was very disappointed with Shakeology. Since I have been trying to get 20 pounds off I thought that shakeology would be a step in the right direction.

If eating deep fried, junk, and non portion foods is the lifestyle that you are used to, then this may work for you. I have read reviews and was optimistic. I do not really have a handle on the amount of each ingredient though together it does sound healthy. I have tried the Vanilla and chocolate. The Vanilla tastes horrible. We actually just threw it out as even with almond milk it tastes awful.

The Beachbody coach said to mix it with jello but that is time consuming and I do not eat Jello routinely. It does make you feel full though. I am still on the fence as it does not really affect my work out and is like drinking medicine. Awful taste took getting used to. Now i mix it with lots of water and that helps. Im ok paying for the quality. True about the cravings, Calmed down my usually endless appetite and took the place of coffee. Going to try the other flavors and try to convince my children to start drinking it my son hates veggies.

I have been using shakeology for the last 11 months.. I was going to start back Dec. Idid enjoy the shakes. But Will try others to make a final decision. My diet is important to me and my goals, saving is hard on a barista salary: I have been using it for year now. I am amazed at how using it really has changed my eating habits. I no longer have cravings for junk food, and make much better choices in my regular meals. My health has improved, both in how I feel and in my medical test results.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. Healthy weight loss is approx. Check with your physician before beginning a supplement program. Sponsored by Nutrition. Home Reviews Ingredient Glossary Blog. Ingredients Mouse over ingredients to read details Click to view X.

Shakeology Meal Replacement Shake Shakeology is well-known and popular choice for a meal replacement shake. The amount of stimulants in this product is something to be aware of. There have been various reports of adverse effects from use of this product because of these ingredients. Check top 10 weight loss pills. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. All information made public is offered by businesses given compensation. This can alter the appearance of content.

The table fails to cite all the available products but efforts will be made to be fully transparent. No matter the affiliation or sponsorship, all displayed content is offered without prejudice. Is it safe for you? Prime Drive — Side Effects. What is Prime Drive? How and does it work?

A substitute for sugars and fats in food products, this is known to be a non dietary fiber that may cause intestinal gas if too much of it is consumed. A stimulant that is known to boost metabolism as well. Yerba mate leaf extract: Coming from a plant native to South America, this is known as a stimulant that is used to treat both physical and mental fatigue. Green tea leaf extract: A popular ingredient in diet pills that is known to be full of antioxidants, as well as giving the user both a boost in metabolism and mental cognition.

So the thought of having a bag of Shakeology plus a bag of Daily Sunshine sent to my house every month is a bit overkill. I really only see a purpose of buying Daily Sunshine if you and your kids do fall into the category of being extremely picky.

Just like with any supplement I was a little hesitant about it at first. How much difference could Shakeology make? I ate healthy, took vitamins, and had a protein shake after working out already. I thought so as those are pretty much the basics in nutrition or at least what I thought. Little did I know how much I did not know about nutrition.

Many thin or in shape people tend to believe that another meal replacement shake or supplement is not going to make that big of a difference. That put me in the same boat as them before using Shakeology. I finished three rounds of P90X, one round of Insanity, and was in the best shape of my life. I will admit to having a cheat meal or two along with a couple adult beverages on the weekend.

Yes, I am a real person. I started taking chocolate Shakeology one time a day as instructed. No recipes for the first couple days as I wanted to see what it tasted like straight up and it was very good.

However, on day 3 I started to feel different. Things started happening and err…moving. I did not know if I should be scared about what just happened or excited. It took 35 days to finish off the first bag of Shakeology. This was perfect because of the free shipping you get from Beachbody when you choose auto ship. My next bag showed up the day after I finished the first one. I worked out almost every day and used Shakeology daily. The one thing I noticed during the first month was how I felt lighter, was not as hungry, was more alert, and I craved better food.

Those first two weeks were like a jumpstart to my digestion system. Yes, Shakeology will make you poop. Shakeology made a big of difference in my results.

I do not know what each ingredient in Shakeology does but it felt like it was gently scrubbing the insides of my stomach and forcing the garbage out. Remember how I thought I was eating well? I took a photo with my shirt off and saw more definition in my body than ever before. My before and after Shakeology photos show more definition in my abs and my gut looks tighter. My arms and forearms look bigger too.

Not sure if its because I had more energy when working out or if it was Shakeology cutting through the body fat so they look more defined. Since I was having such great results with Shakeology I decided to give away a box of Shakeology samples for Christmas last year to my family. Each aunt or uncle received 5 samples and I told them they had to use it everyday. Four days later I received a phone call from one of my uncles who is over 50 years old.

Hilarity ensued over the next 20 minutes. He told me he had been having record setting bowel movements over the past 4 days. My uncle even called his Doctor to see if there was something wrong. After losing 7 pounds in 4 days he felt so much…you guessed it…better, lighter, and full of energy. He asked me where he could buy Shakeology and has been taking Shakeology since. I drink it in the morning along with eating a bowl of Kashi cereal, oatmeal, or a breakfast burrito.

This maximizes the benefits of Shakeology throughout the entire day. Eat something before drinking Shakeology after a long night of partying. It felt like an epic battle of good and evil were duking it out in my stomach.

I think the booze had a stronghold on my stomach and needed to be absorbed by food before introducing the over 70 good ingredients that Shakeology has. If you know that you are going to do some drinking then make up a glass of Shakeology before you head out. This way Shakeology has the stronghold on your stomach throughout the night.

I did this by chance one night as I forgot to drink Shakeology that day and the next morning I woke up not feeling fuzzy when I should of been for the amount I consumed. Day 1 and two were ok but on day 3 I felt a little slower, heavier, and had less energy. And yes, I was not as regular on the 3rd and 4th days. Its like my body was telling me it was missing something that it enjoyed taking.

I have received a number of questions over the years about Shakeology and will do my best to answer them here. Most of my answers below are from personal experience. Shakeology does have an expiration date and will go bad after 2 years. The easiest way to find out when yours will expire is to look on the back of your packet or bag.

Beachbody presses the expiration date into the plastic. Top right for the packets and very top for the bag. Here is a picture of a Greenberry packet I have. I have drank Shakeology that was past its expiration date once. My parents had misplaced a bag in their pantry and found it two years later. Was curious to see if it was still good so I took the bag and started using it. The two year old bag of Chocolate Shakeology tasted just like a brand new bag and everything worked like normal.

But again, no need to worry when your Shakeology will expire. All of the digestive enzymes and prebiotics in Shakeology help your body gently eliminate the toxins that are in your body from the processed foods you eat. Knowing that, you could say that Shakeology does make you poop.

Most people who are overweight when they start using Shakeology will notice what Shakeology can do in regards to going to the bathroom. My uncle dropped 7 pounds in just 3 days of using Shakeology and it was all poop. Hilarity insued after he told me but he also said it was the first time in 20 years that he pooped like that.

So much of the processed foods we eat get stuck in our system and make simple functions harder to do. So yes, Shakeology will make you poop. Probably more when you start using it and then more on a timed schedule after you get most of the toxins out of your system. Its also not a pill that will make you crap your brains out. Shakeology goes to work on helping your body function normally in every department. Including the poop department. There is only one way to save money when buying Shakeology and that is with a Beachbody Coach account.

The savings add up. If you want to get involved with the business side of being a coach than cool. If not, cool too. Free shipping is available with or without the account if you select the monthly auto ship. I know what your thinking. You need to know that some of the listings on eBay and Craigslist are scams. The majority of the listings are legit and are people who bought Shakeology on auto shipment but did not use Shakeology daily.

My suggestion to these people is to cancel the auto shipment and work through the bags. What happens with the non-legit listings? Then you have to deal with tracking down the seller, getting eBay, and PayPal involved.

I have bought and sold a ton of stuff through it but never food. When you buy directly through Team Beachbody you will not have to worry about those issues.

Their customer service people are there to take care of you if you have any questions about your order. Beachbody does not have an account on eBay or Craigslist and does not allow any of their coaches to sell Shakeology there. Beachbody does have an account at Amazon but is not sold there as it is a Team Beachbody exclusive product. Also, most of the prices being listed on eBay for Shakeology are about the same as Beachbody. If you do not want to be a Beachbody Coach yourself I still recommend you buy Shakeology from one.

Most coaches I know including myself use Shakeology daily and are always doing one of the Beachbody workouts. Thats why you might as well use the monthly autoship order process for free shipping on the first order.

But knowing all of this there is nothing to lose in ordering Shakeology. The return policy is the same for the coach account too. Cancel your coach account and get fully refunded the sign up fee and the cost of the empty bag of Shakeology your sending back. To expedite the process of finding the flavor of Shakeology you like most you can now buy Shakeology sample packs. Yes, Shakeology does taste good. But the better question is what flavor of Shakeology tastes the best.

With nine different Shakeology flavors to try you really need to taste all of them before saying whether or not Shakeology tastes good on a whole. Some people love one flavor and hate another. The taste is so much better with the chocolate than the others and is why its a crowd favorite.

The vegan flavors are lighter to the taste and are a little harder to get them right in the blender. I seem to make them watery. After you find which Shakeology flavor is best for you then get Beachbody to change your order so you get the bag sent. I found that after using Shakeology for a couple of years now that I kind of enjoy all the flavors about the same. I will always think chocolate will taste the best but I look forward to having the occasional Greenberry or Tropical Strawberry to switch things up.

Most people who have bought Shakeology have heard about the 3 Day Shakeology cleanse. If you have not heard about it by now then you should really look into doing it as its a quick way to detox. It is not a true cleanse because you are not deprived of calories and nutrients.

What this does is provide maximum nutrients with the least amount of calories. You need to follow the same regimen for 3 days straight.

Have 3 Shakeology shakes per day, 1 or 2 pieces for fruit as a snack, and 1 salad for dinner that can include chicken or fish. Drink 2 to 4 liters of water every day and go easy on the salad dressing. Limit your use of salt and pepper with the meals too. Use 8 to 10 oz of water blended with ice in each Shakeology you have. You should be consuming — calories per day on the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse. Lay off other supplements during the 3 days.

Do a 1 or 2 day Shakeology cleanse if you ate or drank a lot over the weekend. This is a quick way to get all of the gunk out of your system and back on track. I have done the 3 day Shakeology cleanse 3 times losing 1 pound and barely a. Even though I take Shakeology daily, this for me was more of a way to get whatever junk I had in my system out before starting my next 60 or 90 day workout program.

When I woke up on the 4th day I felt lighter and mentally better. The only down side from doing the Shakeology cleanse was feeling very hungry on the third day. I knew this was coming as I cut my normal calorie intake in half.

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