Nutribullet or Juicer? What To Know Before You Choose..

A blade on the NutriBullet Pro 900 can break, causing risk of ingestion

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In stock at San Leandro, Davis St. But if you're looking for a little extra, you also get the ounce colossal cup if you are especially hungry or need to prep multiple servings. It did not taste great. I wanted to eat the "right foods". The Nutribullet does not have a method of separating out the pulp, instead pulverizing the whole of whatever you put into it. I would think it could do a good job on berries or maybe ice.

My Nutribullet journey...

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Before you continue further, this article is all about the original model in the Nutribullet series: Looking for something else? Here are some articles that might interest you:. I wanted to eat the "right foods". Eat more fruits and vegetables.

I was able to do this in a few days maybe even weeks, but later on, I'll probably revert back to my old eating habits of eating "junk foods" and "processed foods". I had no "strength" and "will" to exercise because I just felt that I'm dragging my whole body around.

And how I'm "starving" it of the right nutrients. I was mostly feeding my body with empty calories along with the biggest culprit of it all: And that's a huge contributor to today's problem of childhood obesity. These things are important for me because it helped me understand the need to choose the right foods that will nourish my body. And what's the best source for these nutrients? But I hated eating vegetables. Fruits are fine with me. I love fruits apples, bananas, tropical fruits, you name it.

But "green, dark leafy vegetables", no way! You can turn a bunch of dark, green leafy vegetables into delicious drinks mixed with flax seeds, nuts, fruits and sweeteners and it tastes great! So I had my old blender and tried making a "green smoothie". But with my old blender, I've made a "chunky" green smoothie that didn't taste great.

And then I stumbled on the Nutribullet watts because it's one of the best-selling Personal countertop blenders on Amazon. I've read the reviews, there's thousands of positive reviews on the Nutribullet. After comparing several options, I didn't hesitate to buy my first countertop blender on Amazon and it's a Nutribullet!

Nutribullet calls their recipes, Nutriblasts. I guess it's just a fancy way of saying "nutritious drinks". I loved their recipes and actually here's a beginner green smoothie recipe that you could try. There are more green smoothie recipes here. Cyclonic action or no, I was impressed by how quickly and thoroughly the NutriBullet pulverized the ingredients in my NutriBlasts.

Within seconds of starting, the NutriBullet had sucked all the ingredients from the top of the container down to the blades, and within a few more seconds the mixture looked uniform in texture. After I drank each NutriBlast, it took only a little scrubbing to clean off the plastic cup and lip ring.

And, in the event of extreme laziness, the NutriBullet cups are dishwasher-safe. Fear of a complicated, demanding cleanup—my main reason for not making smoothies more often—is not an issue with the NutriBullet.

One night I tried to make the batter for my favorite vegan, gluten-free peanut butter cookies in the NutriBullet, and it took about 10 minutes—including lots of interventions in which I unscrewed the blade and scraped down the sides of the cup—to get it smooth.

Watching the NutriBullet infomercial, you get the impression that the NutriBullet is the only machine that can break down cell walls and unleash nutrients inside cells. You might think that without a NutriBullet, your body is incapable of breaking down cell walls and absorbing nutrients, or at least at a distinct disadvantage. Pretty much all well-designed blenders do it. More importantly, your body does it.

Really, the body is highly efficient at extracting nutrients from foods. As Reinagel explains , blending breaks down the fiber in fruits and vegetables, possibly making it less effective in promoting satiety and regularity.

If you were truly interested in thoroughly rupturing the cells of your food and making it as easy to digest as possible, there may be reason to think the NutriBullet would do a better slightly better job than other blenders. The NutriBullet models ruptured 97 to 98 percent of cells, on average, while the Vitamix ruptured an average of 94 percent and the Ninja 95 percent. In a stroke of advertising genius worthy of Don Draper, the makers of the NutriBullet figured out how to make the mundane sexy.

But the NutriBullet was the first product to call itself a nutrient extractor, and that semantic sleight of hand has made all the difference. The NutriBullet seems to be moving away from its infomercial roots, or at least branching out from them, to reach a younger, more discerning demographic. The NutriBullet used to be clearly geared toward older Americans: Now, when you go to NutriBullet. The NutriBullet recipe and health website, NutriLiving.

Without the nutrient extraction assertion, the NutriBullet is just another blender—just another reasonably priced, easy to clean, well-designed blender. After that first euphoric week, life got back to normal, in spite of my daily NutriBlasts. I had a rough day at work and took it out on a friend. I overslept several days in a row. I got a weird bug that knocked me out for a day. I forgot to respond to emails. I do still think my skin looks better, but that could just be wishful thinking.

The NutriBullet Photo illustration by Slate. We know that the more perfectly clean your body, the more perfectly it will radiate your super-natural powers. I wasn't about to let him use the blender that I had to take apart and clean every time.

This is a great product that lives up to its claims. Except I'm not so sure about the claims of how healthy the drinks are- they are no more healthy than what you put in them. Blending ability - ease of use - clean up- all 5 stars. Tspa, May 30, Okay for very light, short term use. Had mine for roughly a year and a half. While it was operating, it worked well. I used it sparingly when I wanted shakes or to blend up some vegetables to drink. Unfortunately, it stopped working all together. I did everything I was supposed to do: Upon calling, I was made to feel like I was dumb and that I was lying about what I was telling the operator.

Wasn't a comfortable or helpful situation. I was thinking that I would finally be able to get a replacement for a malfunctioning part delivered or something to that effect, but not at all. I said no thanks and that I would rather spend my money on a Vitamix that actually backs their products and has excellent customer service. DerekD21, June 16, Love this NutriBullet Pro I purchased this during a sleepless night I saw the informerical and logged on to Walmart.

I couldn't be happier I would definitely recommend this to everyone. So far I've only really used the large colossal cup I find this large cup provides a shake that keeps me full for hours. I love the concept that all the food I consume is broken down in such a way that my body can easily digest the shakes and efficiently use the nutrients from all the healthy veggies.

I recently purchased the PRO model and have been making breakfast blends each day. I love the easy operation and the powerful blending.

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