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However, teams from the same confederation still were not drawn against each other for the group stage, except that two UEFA teams could be in each group. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, cutting-edge technology and highly experienced technicians allow us to manufacture, repair and enhance a wide range of Nuclear components. It also explores vulnerabilities of our national defense and private sectors as well as the threats posed to these institutions by terrorists, man-made disasters, and natural disasters. General programming concepts such as conditional and iterative control, error handling and built-in exceptions will be discussed. Includes the relationships between stress and change, self-evaluation, sources of stress, and current coping skills for handling stress.

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Both Iceland and Panama qualified for the first time, with the former becoming the smallest country in terms of population to reach the World Cup.

Egypt, returning to the finals after their last appearance in ; Morocco, who last competed in ; Peru, returning after ; and Senegal, competing for the second time after reaching the quarter-finals in Notable countries that failed to qualify include four-time champions Italy for the first time since , three-time runners-up and third placed in the Netherlands for the first time since , and four reigning continental champions: The other notable qualifying streaks broken were for Ghana and Ivory Coast , who had both made the previous three tournaments.

The draw was held on 1 December at Pot 1 contained the hosts Russia who were automatically assigned to position A1 and the best seven teams, pot 2 contained the next best eight teams, and so on for pots 3 and 4.

However, teams from the same confederation still were not drawn against each other for the group stage, except that two UEFA teams could be in each group. Initially, each team had to name a preliminary squad of 30 players but, in February , this was increased to Players in the final squad may be replaced for serious injury up to 24 hours prior to kickoff of the team's first match and such replacements do not need to have been named in the preliminary squad.

For players named in the player preliminary squad, there was a mandatory rest period between 21 and 27 May , except for those involved in the UEFA Champions League Final played on 26 May. On 29 March , FIFA released the list of 36 referees and 63 assistant referees selected to oversee matches.

VAR operations for all games are operating from a single headquarters in Moscow, which receives live video of the games and are in radio contact with the on-field referees.

VAR had a significant impact in several games. Russia proposed the following host cities: The bid evaluation report stated: Three of the 16 stadiums would be renovated, and 13 would be newly constructed. In October , Russia decreased the number of stadiums from 16 to Construction of the proposed Podolsk stadium in the Moscow region was cancelled by the regional government, and also in the capital, Otkrytiye Arena was competing with Dynamo Stadium over which would be constructed first.

The final choice of host cities was announced on 29 September The number of cities was further reduced to 11 and number of stadiums to 12 as Krasnodar and Yaroslavl were dropped from the final list. Sepp Blatter stated in July that, given the concerns over the completion of venues in Russia, the number of venues for the tournament may be reduced from 12 to He also said, "We are not going to be in a situation, as is the case of one, two or even three stadiums in South Africa , where it is a problem of what you do with these stadiums".

They were satisfied with the progress. Of the twelve venues used, the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow and the Saint Petersburg Stadium — the two largest stadiums in Russia — were used most, both hosting seven matches. Sochi, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Samara all hosted six matches, including one quarter-final match each, while the Otkrytiye Stadium in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don hosted five matches, including one round-of match each.

Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg and Saransk all hosted four matches, but did not host any knockout stage games. Base camps were used by the 32 national squads to stay and train before and during the World Cup tournament. Costs continued to balloon as preparations were underway. Platov International Airport in Rostov-on-Don was upgraded with automated air traffic control systems, modern surveillance, navigation, communication, control, and meteorological support systems.

Saransk Airport received a new navigation system; the city also got two new hotels, Mercure Saransk Centre Accor Hotels and Four Points by Sheraton Saransk Starwood Hotels as well as few other smaller accommodation facilities. The last facility commissioned was a waste treatment station in Volgograd. In Yekaterinburg, where four matches are hosted, hosting costs increased to over 7.

Preference, especially in the key areas, was given to those with knowledge of foreign languages and volunteering experience, but not necessarily to Russian nationals. Free public transport services were offered for ticketholders during the World Cup, including additional trains linking between host cities, as well as services such as bus service within them.

The full schedule was announced by FIFA on 24 July without kick-off times, which were confirmed later. Russia was placed in position A1 in the group stage and played in the opening match at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on 14 June against Saudi Arabia , the two lowest-ranked teams of the tournament at the time of the final draw. The Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg hosted the first semi-final on 10 July and the third place play-off on 14 July.

The opening ceremony took place on Thursday, 14 June , at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, preceding the opening match of the tournament between hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia. Former Brazilian World Cup-winning striker Ronaldo walked out with a child wearing a Russia shirt. English pop singer Robbie Williams then performed two songs before he and Russian soprano Aida Garifullina performed a duet while other performers emerged, dressed in the flags of all 32 teams and carrying a sign bearing the name of each nation.

Dancers were also present. Competing countries were divided into eight groups of four teams groups A to H. Teams in each group played one another in a round-robin basis, with the top two teams of each group advancing to the knockout stage.

Ten European teams and four South American teams progressed to the knockout stage, together with Japan and Mexico. For the first time since , Germany reigning champions did not advance past the first round. For the first time since , no African team progressed to the second round. For the first time, the fair play criteria came into use, when Japan qualified over Senegal due to having received fewer yellow cards.

Only one match, France v Denmark, was goalless. Until then there were a record 36 straight games in which at least one goal was scored. All times listed below are local time. The ranking of teams in the group stage was determined as follows: In the knockout stages, if a match is level at the end of normal playing time, extra time is played two periods of 15 minutes each and followed, if necessary, by a penalty shoot-out to determine the winners.

If a match went into extra time, each team was allowed to make a fourth substitution, the first time this had been allowed in a FIFA World Cup tournament.

Twelve own goals were scored during the tournament, doubling the record of six set in In total, only four players were sent off in the entire tournament, the fewest since A player is automatically suspended for the next match for the following offences: The following awards were given at the conclusion of the tournament.

The award was sponsored by Hyundai. FIFA also published an alternate team of the tournament based on player performances evaluated through statistical data. Prize money amounts were announced in October The tournament logo was unveiled on 28 October by cosmonauts at the International Space Station and then projected onto Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre during an evening television programme.

Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said that the logo was inspired by "Russia's rich artistic tradition and its history of bold achievement and innovation", and FIFA President Sepp Blatter stated that it reflected the "heart and soul" of the country. The official mascot for the tournament was unveiled 21 October , and selected through a design competition among university students. A public vote was used to select from three finalists—a cat, a tiger, and a wolf.

The first phase of ticket sales started on 14 September , The general visa policy of Russia did not apply to participants and spectators, who were able to visit Russia without a visa right before and during the competition regardless of their citizenship.

A Fan-ID was required to enter the country visa-free, while a ticket, Fan-ID and a valid passport were required to enter stadiums for matches. Fan-IDs also granted World Cup attendees free access to public transport services, including buses, and train service between host cities. Fan-ID was administered by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media , who could revoke these accreditations at any time to "ensure the defence capability or security of the state or public order".

The official match ball of the World Cup group stage was " Telstar 18 ", based on the name and design of the first Adidas World Cup ball from It was introduced on 9 November After the group stage, "Telstar Mechta" was used for the knockout stage.

The word mechta Russian: The difference between Telstar 18 and Mechta is the red details on the design. Its music video was released on 8 June Thirty-three footballers who are alleged to be part of the steroid program are listed in the McLaren Report. The choice of Russia as host has been challenged. Controversial issues have included the level of racism in Russian football, [] [] [] and discrimination against LGBT people in wider Russian society.

Allegations of corruption in the bidding processes for the and World Cups caused threats from England's FA to boycott the tournament. Garcia , a US attorney, to investigate and produce a report on the corruption allegations. Eckert's summary cleared Russia and Qatar of any wrongdoing, but was denounced by critics as a whitewash. On 3 June , the FBI confirmed that the federal authorities were investigating the bidding and awarding processes for the and World Cups.

In response to the March poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal , British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that no British ministers or members of the royal family would attend the World Cup, and issued a warning to any travelling England fans. The British Foreign Office and MPs had repeatedly warned English football fans and "people of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent" travelling to Russia of "racist or homophobic intimidation, hooligan violence and anti-British hostility".

At the close of the World Cup Russia was widely praised for its success in hosting the tournament, with Steve Rosenberg of the BBC deeming it "a resounding public relations success" for Putin, adding, "The stunning new stadiums, free train travel to venues and the absence of crowd violence has impressed visiting supporters. Russia has come across as friendly and hospitable: All the foreign fans I have spoken to are pleasantly surprised. FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated, "Everyone discovered a beautiful country, a welcoming country, that is keen to show the world that everything that has been said before might not be true.

A lot of preconceived ideas have been changed because people have seen the true nature of Russia. The elimination of the US national team in qualifying led to concerns that US interest and viewership of this World Cup would be reduced especially among "casual" viewers interested in the US team , especially noting how much Fox paid for the rights, and that US games at the World Cup peaked at During a launch event prior to the elimination, Fox stated that it had planned to place a secondary focus on the Mexican team in its coverage to take advantage of their popularity among US viewers factoring Hispanic and Latino Americans.

Fox stated that it was still committed to broadcasting a significant amount of coverage for the tournament. In February , Ukrainian rightsholder UA: PBC stated that it would not broadcast the World Cup. This came in the wake of growing boycotts of the tournament among the Football Federation of Ukraine and sports minister Ihor Zhdanov.

Broadcast rights to the tournament in the Middle East were hampered by an ongoing diplomatic crisis in Qatar over alleged support of extremist groups. Qatar is the home country of the region's rightsholder, beIN Sports. On 2 June , beIN pulled its channels from Du and Etisalat , but with service to the latter restored later that day.

Etisalat subsequently announced that it would air the World Cup in the UAE, and continue to offer beIN normally and without interruptions. On 12 July , FIFA stated that it "has engaged counsel to take legal action in Saudi Arabia and is working alongside other sports rights owners that have also been affected to protect its interests.

Your reaction was not what my comment mandates, but feel free to take any and all steps you feel are correct. In reference to my comments, I will say this: If a second stage Depression should occur, can you eat them? I plan to be as self reliant as possible for all my families needs… not gonna go to FEMA camp, sit around a bonfire roasting friends and sing koombya with strangers.

My biggest problem with people is that most I have talked to seem to believe if they have wealth now, it will remain afterwards. I ALSO am going to give freely to as many as I can and denounce the hope for wealth in the upcoming events. I may be a fool, but not a damned old fool! Filled 7 gallon plastic jugs with water and a teaspoon of bleach per gallon.. The conventional wisdom is to replace your water storage every six months and the LDS church, who has been doing this for decades, recently changed their position stating the bleach is unnecessary if you are filling the jugs with chlorinated water from a municipal supply.

Plastic 2 or 3 liter soda bottles are best. Sit them in the sun. The sunlight will activate the oxygen,too. Dry pool shock can be dangerous if it starts to degrade and release gas in an enclosed space. It should be stored outside, well secured, and in a vented place. Tap water is always suspect. Not one thing that Slavo or Mr pizza head Celente predicts has come to pass.

There is no end to their bullshit. But they will continue to sell their newsletters and prep crap made in China. There are many preppers who are just getting by. Who knows how long? A year, 5 years, 10 years? In some ways the whole thing is silly. As if one is going to eat all their stored food and then, bingo, the collapse is over and the sun comes out and everything is hunky dory again. That concept is an illusion and another part of why we preppers are in some form of denial, still.

If one already has the 1 year, 5 year 10 year supply of provisions, why not go out and buy a gold brick or two, plus smaller sizes to boot.

Where as Curious George would turn gold or silver down in exchange for some of his essential provisions, if I had more than I would ever want, I would gladly barter for some gold or silver. PS Your out after curfew, 30 minutes past the start of the dark hour. You drive around a corner and there is a military road block. Their weapons are loaded and the crosshairs are on you. You drive up slowly with both hands on the steering wheel. If you were to miraculously get through, what item in your possession might be the secret pass to pay off the well fed, military men in camo;.

European American, excellent multiple choice question, however; if they are like most young men, a smiling pretty woman is worth her weight in rubies. Even for just a moment of spending time with. This is a common misconception. Gold and silver will protect your savings before the collapse, become a medium of exchange during a collapse, and become a basis of wealth after the government restores order.

After that you should have your remaining wealth in precious metals. That makes a lot more sense than having 20, rounds of ammo. If they close the boarders, and forbid trade in gold, then yes they can devalue gold in the usa. It will be like this, you have two weeks to turn in your gold, after that it a felony, and oh since the crash all currency is digital.

Buy what you need then, now. You get the point. Exactly, precisely, and to the point. One cannot eat gold or silver, nor drink it. All one needs to do is use common sense, now what resources do I need to be nourished, hydrated, and sheltered? Rock, Scissors, or Paper. If you cannot pay your property taxes you cannot keep your home and in some states even your car.

Taxes rates will rise to compensate for the deteriorating base and cannot be paid with barter. Many farms were lost during The Great Depression because they could not pay their taxes. Those who cannot afford precious metals should neither buy them nor discourage others from doing so if they can afford.

George—You left out of your absolute imperatives guns and ammo. You cannot protect your food and water without guns and ammo. When the bad guys show up to take your food and water, you better have something to throw at them besides that food and water. But I agree with the principle—PMs and fiat and jewelry and gemstones will be worth a hell of a lot less than essentials such as water, food, guns, ammo, fuel, shelter, clothing, and the like.

Thanks for the thoughts, I appreciate that. So who contends with any integrity that gold is not based on the dollar?

Or the London Exchange? Understand what I say now? Mankind has always used a convenient, easily manipulated by politicians and bankers item to use as currency.

They must be done with him,and I guess he has outlived his usefulness. I look over my shoulder lots And shudder when I watch TV. I bite my nails and cuticles And watch my words very carefully. I bite my lip a lot and fidget with the buttons on my blouse Why? And he voted for him in You could bring me a truck load of gold when there is no more food in the stores and I would tell ya to keep it, but if you where hungery I would feed you for free, I give my produce and eggs away free or barter, and when people are starving you can rest assured gold will be the last think on their minds.

I gave ya a thumbs UP and wish I could give ya a million more. If we were to get more of us like this onboard, there would be very few problems— but NO… everyone wants more wealth, more guns, more bullets, and even MORE violence! It is when you DO NOT have this ability to retain value in a certain medium you may be able to maintain it in another.

We move items that are cumbersome but durable for trade in perhaps another local, for items that are handy and time sensitive. Fresh food and wet water. George also seems to miss the obvious point that even lots and lots of stored food can not only be stolen, but run out of too.

Better to learn how to grow food and raise animals and hunt all of which become a lot easier if you have guns. During the hurricane in Sept water, lanterns, batteries, generators, and flashlights were in very high demand meaning the store shelves were bare. I have pneumonia and had to wait 5 hrs to get meds from the emergency room four wks ago. Both valid, to say the least.

Hence my average supply rotation now consists of about lbs. At least we can eat bread right? I also have a deep-freezer full of beef and chicken and another full of frozen vegetibles and fish.

All and all its only enough to sustain my small family of 3 for about 6 months. Possibly more if rationed and copius amounts of salt for trade if things actually get that bad. I keep a small H-E generator as a backup for the freezers but have yet to figure out when the fuel about gallons will expire or how to make it last longer when needed.

Although I feel I have made a healthy start, my goal is to have a full year supply of these basic items. I have a healthy suppy of silver only, no gold. I was able to buy most of the stock pile I have now mensioned above with a portion of my profits. I had some gold and sold it to buy silver. It took longer and cost me more to sell the gold. I also do not see the value in gold as I do in silver. Especially when it comes to an end of the world scenerio. Silver is heavily used in industry around the world not just here in the US.

It also has many uses, namely the most efficient known purification of water. Anyone interested in learning more uses of silver can do some research. My point, silver will never be worthless. The 1-gram bars could still be very handy for barter, or the 2-peso gold coins.

Ferfal pointed out in his book that links of gold chains could also be used. Break off so many links for barter in small items. Ferfal has it right. Cash is needed for most trades as mushroom has pointed out also. A lot of noise out there. Gold chain is good. They drove all the way, paying for food and fuel with links of gold chain. That was definitely a SHTF scenario, and gold was still worth something to enough people to get them where they needed to go.

Gold and silver is definitely a store of value, and it is easier to bug out with gold than with enough food to last more than a few days. Would make for a good film, too. I believe that all major commodities are already priced in gold, as the gold price is fixed in London and every currency is priced and adjusted to it, based upon their relationship to each other, via gold. I definitely disagree with his premise: That is simply not factual. That is hypothetical and not reality.

It is fear mongering. It is not what is happening in the marketplace. Everyone is using dollars and will continue to do so, albeit at a smaller ratio of transactions to world GDP as world wide trade expands; and until the dollar is incorporated into a basket of currencies a number of years into the future. Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. All of you brillant economists who thumbed me down, please explain your position. Tell me why it matters if grain is bought and sold in dollars or rubles, or pounds, since all of them reflect their value in gold as set by the London Gold Fix?

I gave you thumbs down for being such a jerk to Laura the other day. You will never get another thumbs up from me prick! Your looking at this from the wrong direction. Try trading currencies and you get a different perspective. As the dollar drops in value, other currencies go up in value in relation to the dollar. Take a trip Canada. The exchange rate is now around 1 to 1. Use to be Canadian stuf was a bargain for Americans. Currencies are priced against each other.

The dollar index is priced against a basket of 8 currencies to arrive at the dollar price. Since we are no longer on a Gold Standard, our Dollar is based on literally nothing. Anyway, I could go deeper in explanation but I have to get things settled here at the homestead before dark… have a good evening! Laura has been pissing, moaning, crying, and whining for two years. I am sick of her spreading defeatism, discouragement, and despair among a population that is burdened by the difficulties they face already.

She is part of the problem, not the solution. The price of gold is determined by the London Gold fix who is the market maker setting the price for everyone else. Its not a bid and ask system like currencies. It is arbitrarily pegged. All markets, all currencies and all commodities are then reflected in the price of gold. Why the price of gold?

Fiat is a tool for them like a nail gun for a roofer. The FRN is now the world reserve currency. Until then it gives them control over the markets. Japan and China need a mechanism to recycle their dollars gained from their manipulated currency advantage. This is how America gets some of its wealth back. The currency market is the largest market in the world and the most manipulated market as the major banks make a profit on every transaction as a fee, and manipulate the bid and asked with their lightning fast computers.

It is also structured to fluctuate within certain parameters to allow spread and from spread profit. You are telling me that currencies are the tail that wags the dog because you are a currency trader. I am saying that gold is the real tail that wags the dog and is the true basis of the global economic system; much of which is hidden from the public.

When the value of the dollar drops it costs more money to buy gold in dollars. But the cost of gold is static for someone who buys gold in Swiss Francs. When the price of gold is changed by the London Gold Fix, the price of gold changes for every fiat currency except the pound. Then all currency and commodity prices adjust. I get hammered in here sometimes…. All I do is repeat what high level patriots say on talk radio, yes Durango is a real jerk, loser and bully.

He cow tows to third party losers like others I know who never produce any results. True Patriots rally around the US Constitution and encourage their friends, family, and neighbors to do likewise. True Patriots do not lament or dwell on the problems, they look for doable, practical solutions to remedy OUR situation.

True Patriots encourage others and initiate action that will preserve OUR rights and roll back tyranny. I suggest you turn off the radio hosts that are spewing NWO propaganda, which you have obviously accepted as your own, and read her blog.

She is a true patriot and someone to emulate. You are correct, We are no longer on the gold standard; and the FRN, like all other fiat, is backed only by the full faith and credit of the United States.

The central bankers have said that gold is not money. Mentally move beyond the classical theories of money, markets, and the economy and analyse what actually transpires within that context. Yet Gold is, and always has been since I suppose the discovery of that little yellow metal, the standard that all things are based.

God created it, He owns it, as He does everything and everyone He created. But, be that as it may, even if the Gold rises and falls with the strength or weakness of the Dollar and other currencies , it is still the basis for the overall price of goods worldwide. Yet, if I came to you or anybody else for that matter with a Gold or Silver coin or bullion, you would listen and probably do business with me. Yes, you would I hope and pray fairly trade for the current value of my item Godl or Silver and your item, knowing all too well that someday that Gold or Silver will be worth A LOT more, thereby making you a nice little profit.

They want the gold. They want US to use paper. There is a chap on here, Mel,who takes exception to almost everything I say, and vice versa to be fair.

Thing is if Mel stumped up and said something I agreed with I would still credit him with it. It is called freedom of speech, and we are all, at this point still allowed that freedom. Do you not believe in this?

Having beliefs, or views does not make a person a bully, loser jerk or anything else…and having someone disagree with you sure as hell does not make them a moron. This of course is only my opinion, which I am entitled to. I only repeat good sensible info I read and hear that makes sense.

Take it up with them.. The clue is in my name love…BRITish, your radio hosts are generally not on wavelengths i can receive, and the question was not about them, is was about your assumption that anyone who disagrees with you…or the radio hosts for that matter is a moron. One mans trash is another mans treasure…it all comes down to point of view.

If you regard your, and these radio hosts points of view as the only right view then that, in my book, is not patriotism…its dictatorship. Not I am not discounting the value of beans, bullets and band aids, far from it, but do not discount the value of a few gold coins. That gold financed the movement of the entire plantation and several of the neighbors to Brazil, where they stated over at the end of the war…..

I agree, what a lovely poem! Thank you for writing it. Various other links on her site: The patriot movements mostly fail because there is no consistency even among those web sites she posts. Young people see hypocrites among older patriots bickering among each other. Apparently you detest all talk shows since none agree totally with you. I pick several shows and yes, most fail to offer solutions.

If no one agrees with you totally, they are NWO shills.. Why get Daisy involved in your quarrel? Just forget about it and go on. I think we all got your message, just saying….

I did not say that links she has posted are the sites of Patriots. I said SHE was a Patriot. That is evidenced by her Posts..

I do believe it is un-patriotic to piss, and moan, whine, and complain like a cry-baby for two years puking out the defeatism that you have. Daisy is not giving up against impressive odds stacked against her; she is fighting the good fight, like all US who know and love the real America should do. You wallow in despair.

You accentuate the difficulties. You make the problems bigger than they are because they seem insurmountable to you, and discourage any unified dissent to the forces that are stealing OUR economy and OUR liberties. You are not a true patriot by any stretch of the imagination; and anyone who has followed your comments over the past two years know it.

Do not justify your acceptance of the PTB and your complicity in their propaganda by pointing to someone else; as if its ok for you to do it if someone else is doing it. Why bring Daisy in on your argument? Just keep your quarrel between you and durango. I think we all know where you stand though on your thoughts. Thanks for your input…. So I re-did it not realizing that it had been posted. Not only do you sound like a reasonable person, but you obviously have artistic poetic talents.

Actually, the mistakes are a bit different, modified by full bellies and hence no need to strain in making a living. So here we are, fat and happy, looking at the ending of the empire.

It was a nice ride that got us to this point. If things go as bad as they could, the ONLY thing that may be of any value are items that people can actually use. Silver coins and gold are the only currency that will probably be used at first, but eventually people will ONLY accept barter. I sure like the idea of toilet paper as currency as it is a lot softer on your backside than cash money that will likely have just about the same value. Like someone said the other day, prep like there is no tomorrow.

Non-preppers are so clueless to the living nightmare coming on the close horizon. I know a couple people that have invested heavily in gold. They pay around whatever current value is per coin. Probably in the neighborhood of to an ounce. I pay around 50 cents per pound for sugar and flour.

I imagine the day when my 50 cent investment could net me an ounce of gold return lmao. May I suggest storing whole grains rather than flour? Flour ground grain oxidizes somewhat quickly making it less suitable for storage than whole grains.

Of course, for making bread from whole grains you may want a mill, but not always needed. While grains such as rice, quinola, oats, etc. Just have a mix with some grains. Also, jerky is good to store.

Sure, people can live on sugar and other carbohydrates and some vegetables, but a pack of jerky will go a ways on a menu as well as being a nice tradable item.

Yeesh, for 15 bucks you can just about buy half an ounce of silver, last time I looked. How many dimes is that? Ah-hem, or think they can use in the future. And I think I can use silver and gold in the future. I got enough T. Plus, sponges will the thing is SHTF as bad as that. Rare is that event. Also, if there should be a tornado, fire or flood, gold or silver could be taken with you should you need to leave home quickly. Just last weekend I huffed some bags of gardening soil to the garden area and she kissed me… not bad at all.

Even in the Bible there are references to buying food. PMs will not be totally worthless. Another good thing about toilet paper is you can stock up all you want, it never goes bad. Same with paper towels. In historic German hyperinflation, one writer wrote that the most coveted items were sugar, coffee, and bacon. Also if you simply add a bundle of TP to each grocery store trip you can really stock up.

BTW someone mentioned silver bullets. Great idea, but look into it. I got the bacon covered too! Ha, imagine trying to pawn off bad T. That — could be dangerous. Er, it could backfire on ya? I do not know about toilet paper, but many paper towels have chemicals in them to make them more absorbent which also causes them to go brittle over time. Water in the basement will ruin some things stored there, especially paper things. Thus most all bloggers are defeated, because they like talk radio shows promote the same, so by doing this we are defeated moaners, whiners, unpatriotic.

Intel hub is very negative and I no longer read it; ditto for many on RBN by the way,therefore you see anyone pointing problems with the gov. You are really twisted. Not at all Laura, those are your words not mine. All Preppers are not cry babys. All Prepppers are not un-patriotic. Your logic is flawed too! I see resistance everywhere. Try reading Yahoo comments. They run about 10 to 1 against the goings on of the PTB. I am not talking about what others may or may not be doing.

Worse YOU parrot that defeatism and spread that propaganda every time you post; encouraging others to give up hope and activity which might just develop into serious resistance to the NWO. If YOU really are patriotic; if YOU do not mean to promote the defeatism, discouragement, and disenfranchisement propaganda of the globalists ….. I just gave you a thumbs up after saying I never would. I really thought you were a smart ass, but now think you are just an ass.

All political activities as you should know for the last 60 plus years has been fruitless. I suggest you read the party platform of the America First! They definitely have solutions to the problems WE face. They are under funded and under exposed to the masses. What everyone should see as they read your comments, is that you continually seek an excuse to fail, rather than seeking a way to succeed; that you continually blame someone else for your own lack of initiative.

Your defeatism is a losing attitude that is embedded into your perspective. You must have a great life! I stock up on tp but I also buy no name brand diaper wipes. LOTS of them lol sheets that take less space in the cupboard than a gallon of milk and cheaper than tp. Thank you for this information concerning diaper wipes. I knew that they would dry out in time, so I have not bought any. But now with this new intel that the wipes can be dehydrated with water to work again, I think I will start stocking up on them.

I do think TP is expensive, and I think paper towels such as Brawny with divided half sheets might be a better deal than TP. I am going to see about it. Also, if you use one-part baby lotion to one-part rubbing alcohol on a washcloth or paper towels, a person can take a bath in a WROL situation, or even when there is a temporary electrical outage or water shortage.

If you do not have hot water or heat in the winter, it is a great way to bathe without harming yourself in cold water, which can be very brutal to the elderly and children. I recommend wool blankets as the number one cold winter heating preparation along with polypropelene long underwear, both top and bottom.

This is because eventually, unless your back yard is a forest, and you do not have solar panels, you will run out of fuel to heat your home in a WROL worst-case scenario. If you have enough wool blankets supplemented with fleece blankets and Down blankets if you can afford the latter , you can survive extreme indoor cold temperatures. Get your wool blankets now while they are available, and if you can buy extra, what a great bartering item they will make.

In Proverbs, a virtuous woman seeketh wool. Seek wool today, and you will have no fear of the cold for your household. Is that an iceburg ahead? There are no iceburgs in this area, keep full speed ahead! In early I sold my house and moved in with my new wife. To those funds I added some savings and borrowed some money from my retirement penalty and tax free. I bought at Gainesvillecoins. Gainesville is a generally regarded as a good resource for coins.

Just do your diligence. I prefer to buy from local coin shops. When I bought they were the highest rated company with third-party evaluators. They shipped immediately insured and I picked up my order at the post office within a week. I talked to my local coin shop, but they were unwilling or unable to meet the match the terms. Also, save your newspapers.

Ammo has gone up everywhere except cheaper than dirt. Not in my neck of the woods. I, a bargain hunter, have been buying TP from DG for 3 years.. Have over 6 years supply for two. Yes, it was a hoax, but it showed that people were starting to understand how tough it is and will get. I agree, I bought butter one week at 3. If I had put that same 3. Much higher return on putting any extra towards groceries that can be consumed at a later date.

Purchase as many years in advance as you can. You are just paying yourself forward. Especially when inflation is a double or triple that. Compound that with only two rate increases at work in 5 years and you can see the picture. Even if you have a good job the inflation rate is growing quicker than any increase you will see in pay.

Knowing this And keep in mind the rest of the world knows it Why are on earth is there not a mad rush from the dollar?

Have you ever read some stuff by this guy named Frédéric Bastiat? He mentions something about broken windows that might have relevance here. The fantasy will go on…until it stops. The BLS numbers are B. Real inflation is already here. Filled your gas tank up? Yeah, when they said any one living outside the D. Same goes with the politicians. And it gripes my azz when they open up their mouth acting like they understand and can FEEL our frustration,… oh please, give me a break!!!

I always thought, almost everyone inside the D. Just N East of there was some of the slummiest areas I have seen. After getting near the counter to place my order, it dawned on me that the only caucasians in the place were me and a pimple faced skinny guy handling the soda fountain drinks. It had a small parking lot, so most of those people must have walked there. This is a pretty good article, I think I will show some non-preppers that have their head cemented in the sand this.

Might do some good, who knows. Water and water supply drinkable. Food I have good water availability so I like freeze dried. Ammo for defense if needed and hunting if game available. For most of us, prep our bug in location alternative energy sources, get at least a small solar setup that can recharge the cell phone, computer, radio for news and contact purposes.

Silver Eagles made in America. Get one per week, month, whatever you can afford. Get healthy, walk and exercise.

I agree Peter, except with one thing. If it does hit the fan and we need our own sources of electricity, cell phones will be worthless. Now the computer and radios will still be worth something. Also, the solar setup can be used as a barter setup to charge peoples batteries in exchange for food, ammo, or what ever you need.

Hopefully soon I can wrap my solar panels in Mylar and put them in the cellar to protect the diodes and keep my batter bank topped of with wind since we are only there on the weekends. I bought a container of magnet wire from a motor rewinding company that went bust right after the crash. I was going to sell it as scrap but no one wanted it at that time.

So ive been making small PM alternators for people wanting to make bikes like you did and small wind or water turbines. I sure made out on that deal. I can start the gasoline generator every couple weeks to keep the batteries topped off if necessary. If gasoline becomes unavailable then I will be living there full time and deploy the solar panels. I also have wall mounted kerosine lanterns for backup and when I want a rustic atmosphere.

Ultimately, I hope to score another treadmill from FreeCycle and mount that generator on my bicycle. Wind turbines can now operate and produce electricity in a 3 mph wind. You Tube has a video of a Japanese professor who has been experimenting with a fan-like collar casing around the blades.

It creates turblence and a vacuum like effect that magnifies the wind moving through the blades by at least a factor of three. You might think about soap, toothbrushes, TP, antibiotics, medical supplies.

A lot of this little shit is going to be worth a gold mine when this hits. How do you fight inflation, taxes, a fucked up government or losing your life? A strong barter system will derail a lot of this nonsense. We live in and depend on a paperless system. Some people are going to fall into this blindly following the Messiah and his bullshit and be dead or being a slave in the end.

And then there are going to be others that will fight this to the end. Get ready to stand along or closely with others of like ideas. Our Liberty and freedoms are at risk. We may have to fight and die for them once again here on our land! Been buying a 4 pack of tp everyday 1.

Stacks up quite well. People take a lot of what they have for granted. Doing the same again can allow you to reuse that same water the for same type of things again, or for watering plants. It seems to me a good way to make a water supply last longer. I was watching a documetry once about the Haitian people and watched two Women fight tooth and nail over bars of soap.

It can make the difference between life and death for children. We all know dirty kids and hands mean intestinal diesease and dehydration.

I figure it will be a good barter item if needed. Mercola says to severely limit your intake of tuna due to high mercury content. Maybe he said to avoid it altogether, I forget, too tired to look it up and post a link … Wish I woulda read that before I got a bunch of them. I could be wrong, but if radiation killed everything off volcanoes would have done so long ago as they spew out much more radiation than mankind has ever produced,… and yet, here we are.

Psft, give up sockeye salmon, are you all crazy? Yes, that makes me worry, too, about any ocean-sourced seafood. Since may, , I have been consuming bentonite clay and now Zeolite, too, since March, Keep in mind that Chris Martenson has something that he wants you to buy. How do you tell when a salesman is lying? His lips are moving. Now where have I heard that one before. Every transaction has to have an electronic record available.

Can anyone substantiate this??? How do they require credit card payment for second hand stuff at a garage sale? Sweden is moving toward the cashless society too. Businesses get charged a fee for every credit card transaction just like in the USA , and a law passed by the Swedish Parliament prevents businesses from passing on that charge to consumers.

It is probably hard to find something earthshaking to post every time. I skimmed the free book the author mentions and there was nothing new in their either. Basic economics and purchasing information. There are always new poeple joining the ranks daily.

Lets give them all the ideas we can! You know what that can be found in? It never ceses to amaze me how blind many people are….. I am wondering if Pre Pennys will be worth saving. I have some already Copper wise they are currently worth about 2. During a collapse, you might sell them off shore for their raw value. Especially if the paper Dollar is tanking.

Here in the UK copper is stolen from buildings regularly now. War memorials have been damaged. A silver coin can be turned into collodial silver to stop that cut from festering. Basic sanitation and simple infections kill far more in times of war and poverty than fancy diseases noone can pronounce.

I recommend Dental appointments an abcess can kill and eye appointments while: A your money is still worth something. B you still have any type of insurance at all. Every household member here, has had back to back dental appointments this month. I almost had to drag the hubby there, but I am absolutley not going to yank out a bad tooth from his whining self.

Meanwhile, the local dentist is a happy man and even gave me a cash discount. A tetanus shot is good for 10 years and still worth having so long as you have no personal contra-indications. Different drug firms use different ingredients, different locales and climates carry totally different disease risks.

I read his article too. If they change the composition of the nickel to zinc or tin then old nickels could be the new silver. It couldnt hurt to stock up on rolls from the bank. At least its coinage and not paper. Debasing the coinage is treason and should be punishable by death.

Tim Geitner should by high on the list of traitors to our republic. Five Pre 82 Pennys are worth On the positive side. The coinage will appreciate in direct proportion the the paper moneys declined value.

I do know people who have bouight ryedale machine and sort a few hundred dollars everyday. Many expect the gov to changew the law so they can melt them down for the copper eventually.

Hell, why not save both, nickles and pre pennies. They might come in handy. And if nothing happens, well, spend them. Still I always check the change in my pockets before I spend it. Copper pennies look different in color and silver coins have a different sound when laid up on the counter. Strange, I know, but it works for me.

Like I said, when I hear that sound, my radar goes up and I go in for the kill….. Sorry for the double reply… happened at the top too I noticed. Why have a zinc penny when you can have a coin with a metal thats worth more. Question-Would rather have a penny made of copper or zinc? There is a reason they made a penny out of copper in the constitution and not out of zinc.

Long before there were coins there were people trading in gold, silver, and copper. Coins were a way of trading in a guaranteed amount of metal. They were a way of knowing what you were getting was real metal. You may have to store quite a bit to make it worthwhile but copper is copper no matter what the source.

I think pre pennies are a waste of time. Current coins are useless. I found my grandfather had been saving old pennies when he died and we cleaned out his house. I took them to Coinstar. They were simply not worth lugging around. I feel the same about nickels. If I have to walk away with nothing but the pack on my back, I would rather be digging up a silver stash along the way than pennies or nickels.

So many things to tell you, but our time is running out. May 6, we have elections. The condition is pathetic. The left parties are rising along with the fascists. People have gone to either extremes. They no longer trust the democrats, the socialists, and the conservatives. In this specific period, communism is not our enemy; or at least not the only one. God bless you and your family Manos. Thanks for the update. Holland is a potential powder keg — far worse than Greece.

Please keep us up-dated on any news that comes out of Holland. There are significant racial tensions — mostly caused by too much immigration in the big cities of religeous fundamentalist types into a very cosmopolitan, easy going society.

You put too many rats in a cage, they always turn a bit nasty due to lack of space iykim. Not the same issues as you have in the US — this is simple overcrowding. I am not aware of anything insanely bad out there but if someone else is maybe they will share. France is the one to watch Hollande, if he gets in, will turn everything on its head…he hates Merckle.

Is it fair to say , that if nothing is done about the Muslim expansion. Do you have a party running for election that favors ditching the Eurozone membership? Perhaps if you drop the euro and go back to the drachma and maybe set up an alliance with another country that is not run by the ECB? There are some political parties speaking of leaving the eurozone. Interestingly enough, only the communists have short and long-term goals and plans.

They are stuck in the stalin stereotypes, but this anyway is what they were telling in the first place:. Leave euro, create collective type of businesses, agriculture, and the rest. All these will be achieved through some revolution in ideas, mentallity, and customs. McLove From your name and comments I guess that you are pretty young. They often die very young. Hey how about some jokes about cancer or Special Needs Kids, they were always good for a laugh in 6th grade, hey troll?

I totally agree with what you are saying…. I sometimes feel like I spend most if my free time searching shops for bargains. I am good at making money stretch, but if I stretch it much further it is going to snap. Things may be different there, but in the U. Being middle age also helps. I agree with you PP. It is the general cost of living that is killing me.. Burt how r u girl. I am in the same boat prices keep goin up and up. I started preps a year ago and I am nowhere where I need to be.

Still trying to get my act together and money is getting tighter and tighter, I even took a part time job hubby is full time elctrician and my part time job is just helping make ends meet not extra money.

I search for bargains and seem as though I am loosing time to prep because I am hoofin it around town lookin for a bargain or wastin money buying something that is not on sale to sace time.

Only debt is house all cars older and paid for etc. Not a second goes by that I do no worry for my kids futer as I know you are worried also for them what mom is not Hang in there and take care.

There are calorie figures and other helpful info, especially for the newbies. Request to mctread embarqmail. Good as can be expected in the circumstances LOL how about you.? I am working on several ways to make things last longer..

I think it would well and truly hack people off if I popped up on here once a week posting ways to use a banana skin, or any other item for that matterLOL…and I can see why to be fair. The time taken for all my hunting trips …for all those of you are not lead deficient as we are in the UK, this means foot slogging around the shops not chasing furry critters in the woods, is getting to the point where it will soon exceed the time I spend at work…there is in my opinion something wrong with that equation.

Worth you taking a look at. Read the title page again…it does not say that. Still cheap but like I learned here a long time ago if you would not eat the food it is not a bargain. It lists things like onion rings for dinner, admittedly there are other meals maybe I am a greedy bitch but that would not do it for me LOL.

They are also high in fats and calories, I think they are quite unhealthy but some look quite yummy. The rabbits in the neighborhood would cease to exist or learn not to get so close.

Speaking of that I remember when rabbits were so frightened of humans that you could not close to within 60ft. Oh I seen on the net where a good slingshot propelling a. I know you Brits are effectively disarmed but in a pinch that thing is lethal at 20 ft or so.

I live on a housing estate in a large city. I cook from scratch, I container grow, I make do and mend, I work. It is almost, not quite but almost, at the point where these measures are it enough to make ends meet. There are four distinct groups of people over here. Those that have no work ethic at all and never intend to change that. Those who have a work ethic and have through no fault of there own become unemployed. Those who work for moderate wages and scrape to get by as they get no government help whatever, and those who are rich.