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As to the fruit: Bethany Lyn November 18, - 9: Hi Cyndi, You use the containers tp portion your meals or snacks. Canned fruit has nearly no nurtitional value as the canning process destroys most of the nutrients. I just got my 21 Day Fix program and trying to shop. Give the muscles time to recuperate and grow. I know this post was a while ago but I feel I need to respond to this.

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All online marketers know that having quality, targeted website content is of the utmost importance for getting traffic to your site. Professional help with dissertations from best writers are available anytime here https: Many of you who follow me know I am a die hard Insanity junkie. I'll admit I got addicted to that "intensity" and I honestly think that program ruined all the other programs for me!

There is just something about that program that makes my muscles BURN in a good way and it's been hard to get that satisfaction from another programs. I know I may take some heat for this comment but I didn't care for T Don't get me wrong, it's a great program just not for me. This girl has ZERO rhythm which makes it hard to get into any program that has "choreographed" moves.

So when I heard they were creating the 21 Day Fix I was a little leary The more details I learned about this program the more optimistic I got, but it wasn't the workouts that caught my attention it was the meal plan.

More specifically the portion control containers Let's face it portion distortion is out of control. We live in a "supersized" world and gradually we as a society have started to eat MORE and more It's not not about starving it's about eating the right food in the right portions.

My review of this NEW program I think this is definitely one of the most important aspects of a workout program. I mean it it's too complex or limited it can be really hard to maintain and follow. Not only do you get to eat of LOT of amazing food, the portion control containers make it easy to dish out just the right amount! Just calculate your calories and select your container plan!

It's really THAT easy! Most of the time I am cooking separate meals for the family, what can I say they aren't fully converted yet hahah. So this makes it easier for me to have the right food I need on hand and still keep the fam happy too! You may see boring but I see simple, cost effective, and easy prepping.

They have healthy fats and a good amount of protein. Note that the table below is in scrollable window. The following are nutritious backpacking dinner recipes. These are filling meals at around calories per serving! The following are just few ideas for desserts and after dinner drinks. I did find your dish with tuna promising. This is a companion piece to my Best Backpacking Food — simple and nutritious — veggie and omnivore friendly which does have fair number of meat options if you read through.

I have excerpted some here…. Many dried meats like the hard-dry salami are also high in fat, increasing your calories per ounce. For those that are not veggie, dried meats are another option for protein and food variety. Much cheaper than alternate sources. I love this site. Great details and ideas for meals. I appreciate all the time you put into this. Can you tell me, when you list the lunch ideas — how do you keep the cheese from going bad over time?

Considering it will be in a hot pack and may get soft mushy over time. Also, on your fruit list for lunch, are you assuming dehydrated fruit, different types each day? Just wondering how you are providing variety with this. Thanks again for clarification. Cheese is best eaten early in the trip, the hotter the temps the sooner you want to work through it. Usually you are good for at least days. Avoid heat by keeping it in the middle of your pack during the day.

I have friends that when in the desert wrap it in the middle of a sleeping bag during the day make sure it is in something strong like a heavy duty freezer bag. As to the fruit: We find that three types of fruit works well.

We rotate between dried mango, turkish apricots, and papaya. All unsweetened and unsulfured. But really any type of fruit you like is fine. Have a good trip, -a. Thanks Alan You are doing a great service to the backpacking community. I am Leary of any soy products that are not organic. Even non GMO soy that is not organic may be dessicated with roundup just prior to harvest. Good things come to those who hustle! Because when you put in the work, the results will most definitely come. Curious how to figure out what macros you fall into?

I actually used the 21 Day Fix program as a basis and then after doing multiple rounds tweaked it to my needs and body type. Check out my spread for the week below. I always try to stick to whole natural foods for the most part. Ground turkey stuffed bell peppers 3:

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